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HOME BUYERS HELPLINE is a not-for-profit group dedicated to helping people gain the knowledge they need to act confidently and gain the upper hand during the home buying process.

The rules of the game keep changing and HOME BUYERS HELPLINE offers FREE TELEPHONE ADVICE to anyone interested in buying a home, whether they are first-time buyers or old hands buying their forth or fifth home.

We'll help you find out how to get the home you want at the price you can afford to pay.

HOME BUYERS HELPLINE can help you no matter where you live or where you want to move - anywhere in the world!

TIP of the WEEK
As crazy as it sounds many people only think they want to move. Carefully weigh the advantages of where you live now. Although it may seem attractive to move to a new community you should avoid the mistake of moving out of a very familiar environment into one which does not have the social life you were used to. For example, moving away from close family ties. If you are relocating, it may be wise to rent while you research areas and homes. Then decide where to buy. To save yourself the hassle, you should do some serious soul-searching before you decide to buy a home.
HOME BUYERS HELPLINE is the Non-Profit Information Center for Home Buyers